The ABC’s of High Speed Rail | Van Alen Institute 2011 Ideas Competition

This cut-and-fold alphabet publication promotes the development of the High Speed Rail, positing twenty-six points – from A to Z – why Americans should, indeed, climb on board and ride more rails. Rather than outlining one intervention, this ABC book tackles the larger question of how to energize public support for this progressive project.

The publication proposes playful, succinct ideas, some pragmatic and others speculative, suggesting an ideal world where Americans use energy efficiently, where technical innovations prompt new economies and where regions are linked by greener technologies that make long-term sense.

From real kisses to reduced unemployment and from ecologically sensitive eco-nomies to the revitalization of distressed downtowns, this alphabet medley offers good justification for living life at the speed of rail.

Please print this poster and plaster it around your town. Distribute it at schools where kids can cut-and-fold the posters into pamphlets to be shared with their parents and their parent’s friends. Cut along both dotted lines to make postcards to send to politicians. Burn the poster if you want to, but, whatever you do, make the integration of a high speed rail a conversation in your community.